Our team has experience using a wide range of frameworks and systems to code and develop a variety of digital tools including websites, web apps and mobile apps. However, we have particular expertise in custom WordPress and Laravel websites.

We always ask clients what it is they want their website to achieve and how they want to manage it. This helps us to advise them on what the best solution is. Whether it is a hard-coded website that we can manage for them, or needs to be editable so they can keep it up to date themselves, we will work to their requirements. Regardless of what we build, accessibility is crucial to us to ensure that anything we create is inclusive.


One of the most popular frameworks around, WordPress is fairly user-friendly. You don’t need to know how to code to be able to edit a simple or well-built site, and sites can also be developed to scale up easily. For example, we often work using a template system, creating templates for pages that serve all aspects of a business as well as more simple templates so should they wish to expand, then they are able to do this without necessarily requiring our services.

Most fully pre-built theme websites that we see are built on WordPress due to the easy nature of their customisation. However, we start with a lightweight optimised starter theme called Sage for WordPress that is essentially the foundations for the website. This allows us to create a bespoke WordPress CMS solution that only contains what our clients need and is not bloated by plugins. This means we produce a streamlined, bespoke and professional website that does what it needs to do and is optimised for performance.


While this is more web-developer friendly than client-friendly, Laravel allows us to creative and innovate website solutions and bespoke CRM-style web applications. Some of the benefits of using Laravel include the faster speeds at which it can load therefore improving SEO, support for MVC, a high level of security and the fact that it is open source and has a great level of community support.

As a PHP system, there is a growing demand for Laravel sites due to its list of features and we a strong advocate for using it. We have built a number of websites in Laravel and for clients who want a flexible custom website that can be launched quickly, this should be their first choice.

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We Create Digital has developed a number of bespoke websites and portals for a suite of high profile healthcare clients and we are continually impressed by the professionalism, diligence and efficiency of the team. While the products they deliver are highly complex, Anna and Dean will always explain clearly how they work, timelines and what to expect in the look and feel of the website or portal. The team develop ostensibly simple and easily navigable digital solutions to support the communication of complicated messages. They will never say no and will always identify solutions to any potential roadblocks - albeit none that they have themselves created. Anna and Dean go out of their way to deliver; I couldn't recommend We Create Digital more highly!

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