WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems and is so user-friendly, anyone can manage a WordPress website, not just a developer.

WordPress websites come in all shapes and sizes, from huge bespoke websites used for academic or clinical institutions, down to single page brochure websites for a small business or even just a blog. Many agencies offer WordPress website ‘packages’, advertising a great looking price for a set number of pages. That isn’t how we work.

For the last 4-5 years we have been using a starter theme by Roots called Sage but in 2019, we made the decision to create our own child theme for Sage called Lark, which is designed to be highly optimised for speed and SEO. In addition to this, we have a number of pre-built templates we like to call ‘Flexible Content Blocks’.

These blocks are typical to what we see on most WordPress websites but allow much more customisation and flexibility, as opposed to typical themes that are often more rigid and unwieldy. Our approach offers clients the benefits of a bespoke website but at a much lower cost.

This flexible block system allows us and our clients to create any number of pages that serve all aspects of a business as well as more simple templates. Should they wish to expand, then they are able to do this without necessarily requiring our services. We don’t believe you should put a limit on the number of pages your website requires. This seems to simply be a way to get you to pay more in the future, making what seemed like a good price, a bit of a scam.

With any website, it is important to take the right approach from the start. Not only may you end up paying more money later, but you might also pay for mistakes through lower performance and rankings.

Over time WordPress can get bloated, which makes the website slow and difficult to maintain. We avoid plugins, writing code ourselves to reduce bloat and optimise speed. Furthermore, this actually creates a more environmentally-friendly website too.

Overall, we use our expertise to create websites that are secure, accessible, optimised for performance and created to succeed.