Project overview and objectives

WCD has been working with Foxed for a number of years, helping to deliver a complete redevelopment of their website with bespoke and responsive design along with email marketing and backend support in managing databases.

A full redevelopment

WCD was tasked with the complete redevelopment of Slightly Foxed’s website and produced a new responsive design compatible across different devices and platforms. It was vital that the online shop was easy to use across all devices and platforms, so we invested a lot of time into testing on different phones/tablets as well as desktop PCs to achieve the best solution possible.

We helped harness Slightly Foxed’s strong social media presence by incorporating their social media feeds into their news and events pages. These are important areas for Slightly Foxed to capture audience interest and engagement with their business, as well as providing a channel for an increasingly diversified audience, some of whom have a lower awareness of such independent companies.


In addition to the above we’ve built an automated system to manage customer and subscription records. This has helped save the team a significant amount of time and resources, as well as improving customer experience on the website.

Our work has helped to significantly increase sales without any additional marketing. This is crucial to maximising budgets and turnover.

Slightly Foxed