Tailored support

We provide technical, design and content support to suit our client needs. Our support can be to our client’s terms, ad-hoc or on retainer. This often varies depending on the type of business – whether they have an in-house design or digital team or want to use us for this function. We can put strategies in place to deliver ongoing support but be problem-solvers ready to step in when required.

Given the nature of what we do and how digital works, we mostly work with our clients remotely. However, we understand that face-to-face interaction is still important so can make ourselves available at meetings or to visit offices when required or for catch-ups. We regularly use Trello, Slack and other platforms like Skype or Zoom to stay up to date and ensure we are maintaining a good level of communication with everything we do.

Not sure what you need?

Many clients approach us not even knowing what help they need, but just knowing they need help in some form. No project is too small or too large, and we can help to establish what problems there are, where we can deliver quick-wins or what long-term strategy may need implementing. We prefer agile working, planning and creating small sprints that are focused on the overall objective, but don’t have to be stuck to should the situation or environment change. We can also offer team workshops, to give you the skills so you won’t need to use us in the long-term, which for many businesses is the ideal solution for sustainability and growth.

General help

Our team also offers workshops on a number of issues such as WordPress or SEO, that can be private or you can join one of the public ones we run. These cover basic issues, specific problems you may be encountering and also signpost you to what you need to be doing. Should you still struggle in putting in place our training, we can provide a set amount of help to deliver exactly what you need with your website or digital system. 

Online security

If you are simply looking for support in protecting your website, we can also help. Many people don’t realise that their website needs to be updated regularly to prevent vulnerabilities, which can be costly. Regular updates could cost as little as £65 every few months. but a hack is likely to be a minimum of £500. Furthermore, there is a chance that data held on your website could be breached, which can be even more costly.

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