Email marketing is a key part of any marketing strategy but often is done without thinking through the technical side. While content is important, if the email never makes it to an inbox, can’t be read on a mobile device, isn’t legible due to poor contrast ratio and has a complicated layout, it will simply be deleted in seconds. We can create bespoke templates for clients to populate with their content, and can provide ongoing support to carry out campaigns.

Making it to the inbox

A huge number of emails are deleted without being read or are never even noticed. If your email looks like spam, your email client will sometimes choose to not even show it to you. That is a potential sale or new client opportunity wasted in the first step of your email marketing campaign. Each one of our emails is checked and tested to ensure it passes the spam test. Once it does make it to the inbox, make sure it is clear what it is about. The subject and preview text need to entice someone to open it.

Accessible, legible and responsive

Once an email has been clicked, you now need to ensure it isn’t deleted straight away. There are a few reasons why someone may hit delete – the biggest one is that they won’t be able to read it. This may be because the email isn’t accessible and the user is colour blind so the colours mean they can’t see the text. It could be due to the colours having a poor contrast ratio and strain their eyes to read. Or it might be because it isn’t responsive and doesn’t work well on their mobile. We test all emails we produce across nearly 100 devices and email clients to make sure they meet all of these requirements.

Keep it simple

Above we have outlined a few reasons why an email can’t be read, but it might also be that a person doesn’t want to read it. This is because they think the content is irrelevant or the structure is too complicated to understand the message. You are only going to achieve your objectives if you have the right message for the right user. Make sure your subscribers understand what you are telling them and what the action is. Focus on this rather than an elaborate design and you are much more likely to succeed.

Refining your strategy

With email marketing, it is important to assess your figures to see what works and what could be improved. Simply sending out emails and hoping for the best is not going to work in the long-term. We can help to analyse your figures to see how the campaign performs and make any appropriate changes to the wider strategy. Frankly, if you are not doing this then there is no point as you may be wasting your money and alienating your subscribers.

Should you need support at any point in your email campaigns, we can provide this. From design to copywriting or building the templates and populating them, we can ensure your marketing is more than a shot in the dark. We will remain focused on your objectives at all times.