The aesthetics of any online or physical product are clearly crucial to its success whether it is a website, poster or leaflet.

If you are selling a product, your design should match your target audience. It is important that while the design reflects what the business does, it also gives the customer or user has a sense of how you operate and why they should use your product or service over another.

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Our team has experience using a wide range of frameworks and systems to code and develop a variety of digital tools including websites, web apps and mobile apps.

We always ask clients what it is they want their website to achieve and how they want to manage it. This helps us to advise them on what the best solution is. Whether it is a hard-coded website that we can manage for them, or needs to be editable so they can keep it up to date themselves, we will work to their requirements. Regardless of what we build, accessibility is crucial to us to ensure that anything we create is inclusive

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We build all our websites to be optimised for SEO, starting from scratch with SEO in mind.

We advise the client at the beginning of the design process how we will create pages that allow a focus on unique content. When it comes to producing this content, we can go one step further and either help write it or review it to ensure that no opportunity is being missed.

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