Project overview and objectives

The Restart Project is a charity that describes itself as a “people-powered social enterprise that aims to fix our relationship with electronics”.

The charity and its community organise events where people teach others how to repair broken or slow devices, and also works with schools and organisations to help them understand how they can use their electronics for longer.

Data is crucial to The Restart Project, as it helps to demonstrate the impact of their work and also can be used to influence wider policy. We were appointed by the charity to improve a tool they have developed called the Fixometer, which collates data and measures the environmental and social impact of their community repair activities.

What we did

We looked at the Fixometer closely, to assess the gaps in the UX and determine how we could enable it to be used more easily and widely, through changes to its design and functionality. The project also required us to move the existing code over to Laravel, which is a particular area of expertise for our team.

The results

We were able to deliver the project within the tight timescales, and the new tool is improving the collection of valuable data. What we developed has now become more of a platform, acting as a hub for community engagement. This is supporting The Restart Project with their advocacy work, helping to bring about change and fix our broken relationship with electronics.


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