Experts at optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is one of our areas of particular expertise, and not only do we build all of our websites with SEO in mind but we also offer these services separately. We have a long-running history of providing SEO services to a number of clients. Many of them we have been working with for years due to their continued and substantial growth of organic traffic.


Content is a core part of any SEO strategy. It helps to tell search engines that your website matches a user’s search and therefore you should rank highly so the user can find what they are looking for.

When it comes to content we think about a number of different points. Keyword research always comes first as otherwise how will users find your services unless you use the right words to talk about them?

We also consider your audience, length of the content, unique angles, how to make content valuable and what your competitors might be doing. Content is an in-depth part of any SEO strategy we develop.

Technical SEO

All of the websites we build have fast loading times, clear and easy-to-navigate menus and a responsive site structure. If we didn’t build your website, then we can get it up to speed.

SEO isn’t all about content and what you see when you load up the page. Perhaps the most important part of SEO is providing a smooth and seamless experience for the user. We understand that much of optimisation goes on behind the scenes, so this is what we pay particular attention to. As Google has announced that in 2021 they are moving to focus on user experience, this is more important than ever.

On-Page SEO

Our team are experts at producing SEO-friendly content. We have a long-running history of providing content for clients from all kinds of industries, ranging from Florists to Electrical Engineers.

No challenge is to small for us, so whether you have a particular requirement such as to outstrip a key competitor or to achieve a particular ranking in a specific search engine, we will do what we can to help you achieve this. Our experience has taught us exactly how to approach producing on-page content, and we’re well-practised at constantly keeping up to date with Google’s ever-changing algorithms.

Off-Page SEO

Off-page SEO is not just about building links; social media also plays a key role with reputation, shares and likes. Among the techniques we use, we can build up inbound links to your site, and submit your website to relevant directories. Trust-building is crucial to tell Google that your site is worth navigating users to.

SEO increases the traffic and visibility of your website on search engines. The major search engines are: Google, Bing and Yahoo. They include organic (non-paid for) listings where web pages and social media pages are ranked based on the search engines ranking criteria, in which the user finds their most relevant search query.

SEO has a high return on investment and is an important strategy for business reaching out to their target audience.

Overall, SEO is something which requires around-the-clock care. We take pride in taking campaigns into our own hands and watching our clients grow over time. Our detailed monthly reports will explain our progress and areas which we think you can explore for even better results.

Head of SEO

As Marketing Manager at WCD, Hector leads our SEO work. Working closely with other members of our team, he helps to devise strategies tailored around each website and its specific audience. Our team loves keeping up to date with the changes going on behind the scenes of algorithms and finding new ways to increase visibility. Hector always has one eye on our clients’ rankings, striving to beat their competitors and help them to get more leads or sales. He brings together skills in writing content along with experience in using different channels and tactics to get results.