How we work

We focus on what our clients need and develop websites and digital products that will grow their business.

The process

Whether you have a long-standing business or a start-up, we have a process to support any organisation to meet its objectives and achieve its vision.

  1. Assess the problem and not the brief.
  2. Identify scalable and dynamic solutions.
  3. Build, test, improve and test again.
  4. Launch and deliver.

Our approach

We think that a website should be built around a client’s specific requirements and business objectives.

We are seeing more and more businesses using online tools and themes to try and develop their own website or even agencies using these tools but charging a premium for it. This is often a mistake and can prove to be a false economy, as using the parameters established either for another website or a more general audience means the business has to work around the website framework, when it should be the other way round.

When we are approached by a client to develop a new website or update an existing one, we ask questions, carry out research, analyse existing websites and discuss what the client ultimately wants to achieve. Whatever we advise, it will always be a bespoke and informed proposal that meets the objectives of the client. Put simply, our approach is using the web as a problem-solving tool.

We were established in 2011, and since then we have grown slowly from a team of just one, to five. We are always looking out for good developers and have the capacity to grow, but aim to do this at a sustainable rate, making sure we hire the right people for our team. That is because our client work comes first and anyone who joins us has to have the same ethos as us, as well as the right experience.

We have worked hard to build a strong base of loyal clients, who continue to come back to us to grow their businesses online. During this time, we have gained experience working with various content management systems, creating bespoke designs that are led by aesthetics, and not dictated by the backend. By taking this approach, we ensure we are delivering to our clients web solutions that will last. Our particular expertise are in WordPress and Laravel, and also accessible design and development. We think the web is an incredible tool that can drive inclusivity and help break down barriers, so it is something that we consider for every project we work on.

As the digital landscape continues to change and regulation attempts to keep up with this, we know that what we offer has to go beyond design and functionality. It also has to be compliant. The introduction of the GDPR has affected nearly every single business and we have taken a proactive approach with the new rules and how it affects businesses online. Every member of our team receives training on the GDPR, and we hold monthly catch ups to review our work, share best practice and research new solutions that can support compliance. We believe this is crucial so our clients have confidence that not only are they protecting the privacy of their customers and users, but as mandated by the Information Commissioner’s Office, we can also provide sufficient guarantees that the requirements of the GDPR are met and the rights of data subjects are safeguarded.

If you want to know more about exactly what we do, take a look at at the services we offer below, or view some of our work.


We use code and the web as our tools to deliver results for every project we work on. We serve customers within Essex and beyond and are particularly well-placed for Colchester and Chelmsford.


We create designs for all media. We specialise in producing web-based design that does not compromise on the performance of a website or the overall aesthetics.


Our knowledge and experience of code means we develop websites, email newsletters, and e-commerce solutions that perform. We provide responsive, mobile-first websites that don't leave anyone behind when it comes to accessibility.


We combine skills in copywriting, design and development to ensure our clients can compete online. We understand how to navigate the ever-changing rules and respond to keep our clients on top.


Our team has a broad range of skills but we also specialise in the following specific technologies and platforms:

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