The aesthetics of any online or physical product are clearly crucial to its success whether it is a website, poster or leaflet. If you are selling a product, your design should match your target audience. It is important that while the design reflects what the business does, it also gives the customer or user has a sense of how you operate and why they should use your product or service over another.

Our team will analyse your objectives, research your key stakeholders, review your competitors and assess the UX (user experience) and also consider its accessibility.

We tend to avoid producing multiple design concepts, as we like to focus on getting it right first time. By developing more than one design, it means less time is spent on perfecting the design and it can waste time and money. We take an incremental approach - we design an overall draft concept, present this and continue to make changes and refine it until it is exactly as our client wants.

Another approach our team feels strongly about is mobile-first design. With the growing focus on mobile-friendly websites, it makes sense to start designing with the smallest screen and work up from this. It means you never compromise on the mobile design, which is often what happens if you start with desktop. The end result is a consistent website, whether it is viewed on mobile, tablet or desktop and the content never changes between these.

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The team at We Create Digital has been working with us to develop the Slightly Foxed website for several years now, and we've been consistently delighted with the level of customer service, technical knowledge, and creative input that they provide. As a growing independent business, our website is of the highest importance and We Create Digital are doing a brilliant job to help us to maintain and develop our online presence. Highly recommended.

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