We are lucky enough to know the team behind Seaful and understand how difficult it is for charities to get funding. That is why we offered to design and build a brand new website for them, at no cost at all. We used our starter theme, Lark, to create a new website quickly that can be scaled up in time.

About Seaful

Seaful is led by Cal Major and aims to help more people to reconnect to the ocean and waterways, for their mental health benefits, and to nurture stewardship of our blue spaces. They run a number of projects to help achieve their objectives – this includes facilitating in-person experiences of our blue spaces, provide films to increase awareness about the ocean and waterways and also empower people to become advocates for the ocean.

Our approach

We wanted to design a website that would easy to use, lightweight, and of course, environmentally friendly. We produced a number of flexible modular blocks that could be used to create a number of pages, providing a variety of layouts while also giving a consistent feel. Video was crucial for the site given their Vitamin Sea TV project, but it had to be done in a way that didn’t increase the carbon load of the site or slow the pages down.

Fundraising for the future

As well as thinking about the main content of the site, we wanted to give Seaful an easy way to raise funds for their current and future work. We did this through a simple ‘donation’ block that was part of the modular blocks we built. This can be added to any site, whether it is a standalone fundraising page or an individual project. The aim is to allow individuals to donate through a variety of ways – providing multiple options encourages donations. This block means Seaful can accept donations through direct BACs transfers by simply giving their bank details, PayPal and also debit or credit card.


We love working with charities as it is a way for us to give something back. We are also lucky enough that we can provide our time for free, especially during the current pandemic and recession. This isn’t always possible but we do make sure we take budgets into account for any client we work with and for charities, we provide discounted rates as well as finding other ways to help them keep their costs low.

With a growing focus on the environment, we hope in time that more clients will prioritise sustainability within their briefs – if this is something you want to consider for your business, get in touch.