We’ve done quite a bit of work for charities in the past and offer a range of services for these clients, but realised we never really talk about this. We don’t particularly like shouting loudly about our achievements – we just keep the work going and are happy when our clients are happy. However, this time it actually is important to talk about what we offer do and why we think it is so good, because of how we think we can help and make a difference.

Furthermore, we love working with charities. It allows us to create websites and digital products that have a bigger impact on people’s lives and are a constructive force for good in communities.

So here is what we can do!

Discounted rates

We understand that as a charity, it can be difficult spending money as you want to focus on using your money to deliver the services you provide, and also there is a greater sense of accountability compared to within a private organisation. Whenever we work with any client, we always ask how much they want to spend and do our best to deliver a solution that gives them exactly what they need but without being a ‘cheap’ option. While we do this for every client, for charities we go a few steps further by offering a discounted rate and flexible payment options. We ensure we will provide a cost-efficient and effective result no matter how much you have to spend or how small you are.

Fixed prices

When giving quotes to all of our clients, we are completely transparent about what we charge. We can give fixed prices, so you know what you will pay, and never be surprised by extra lines in an invoice or unknown estimates. We don’t offer a standard price package to any client, as every client and therefore every website is different. We would simply sit down to go through what you want to spend, provide a fixed quote and then deliver it.

Help and support

Charities often have small teams, and it isn’t uncommon to find one person responsible for so many different areas of a business that usually you would have several people covering. So if you need help with quick one-off pieces or you just need some support in figuring something out, we are happy to be of assistance. Furthermore, we can offer training when designing and building a website so you won’t need to keep coming back to us! Often we use WordPress when creating a charity website, and that is because it is easy to use. With our help before you have even launched, you will feel confident to take it forward yourself, but also reassured to know we are always there if you need us.


Once you have paid for a website, costs for simply maintaining it can quickly add up. Again, we offer discounted hosting to allow you to still have access to a secure and reliable server, but without paying a premium for it. We can also support you in regular updates to keep your website secure, which is an important investment as addressing any bugs or hacks can be incredibly costly.

An investment

No one wants to have to refresh their website every few years, and there are ways we can help you to avoid that by future-proofing it. We often build websites by designing and coding templates that will meet the needs of all of the types of content you have now, and might have in the future. This allows you to cater to any changes you may need to make, and also support you should you need to scale the website up. We can’t look into the future but we will do our best to ensure that your website is an investment, rather than a recurring cost.

A bespoke service

Just because you are a charity and may have a smaller budget, we won’t treat it as such. You will still get the same bespoke service and have the same level of collaboration with us that we give all of our clients. This includes custom design where appropriate and anything else you might want!

Ultimately, we are here to work for all of our clients and understand the many pressures that charities may face, so want to do our bit to ease these where we can. Simply ask us for help and we can take it from there.