Project overview and objective

Impact is a series of open-access science reports. The organisation also organises the STEM Gender Equality and Health Leaders Research Congresses. They required an online presence to showcase their reports and attract attendees to their events.

What we did

WCD developed three websites on behalf of Science Impact Ltd. The first of these promotes their scientific reports and allow visitors to subscribe to the publication.

After a successful first collaboration together, WCD was then asked to develop the websites for the STEM Gender Equality and Health Leaders Research Congresses. These websites are used to provide information on the conference and allow visitors to purchase tickets for the event.

All three websites were developed to be fully responsive for desktop and mobile devices – ensuring ease-of-use for all visitors. We integrated WordPress on each website to enable staff at Science Impact Ltd to easily update their content.

The results

The websites were a useful tool for Impact to encourage attendees to purchase tickets and also showcase the events to sponsors. Following the events, we updated the websites to provide collateral that was presented such as videos and presentations. When the next dates were announced, the website had an archive section created to retain the content of the past events, but to allow new sign-ups. This approach kept costs low as a new website wasn’t needed and it helped establish a strong reputation for Impact in what it had previously delivered, further encouraging new ticket purchases, » » »