The objective

Suregreen is a large supplier of landscape and gardening products for DIY and trade customers. They also have a growing range of other outdoor supplies such as fencing, timber sleepers and gardening tools. They wanted to improve their online shopping experience and better reflect the friendly values and professional team behind Suregreen.

What we did

To begin, we discussed the overall objective of updating the website and defined key areas to focus our attention. The 6 month update project was primarily centred on two areas: improving the website’s usability and then focusing time and attention towards growing their eCommerce sales. These were two areas where Suregreen needed guidance and support from a team who could create a clear path forward. 

The first task was to benchmark their current website. We carried out a full UX and performance review to analyse the site navigation and technical setup. From here, we identified key areas to improve and together we agreed a long term plan which was broken into clear stages, each one containing a set of actions that would work towards their end goal. Over the course of 6 months we carried out five upgrade sprints, all carefully planned to meet certain goals around speed, performance and UX.

The design team took responsibility for improving the branding and UX across the site, providing website users with improved navigation and creating new branded elements. They then analysed user behaviour and improved the sales process, beginning with the product pages themselves and working through the sales funnel. They spotted key opportunities such as offering additional and alternative options on product pages to drive the average order of sales, bulk pricing options for products and ways to encourage customers to keep shopping when adding items to the cart.

Meanwhile, the technical team focused on core web vitals, specifically on introducing significant improvements to page loading speed. They were able to optimise the existing code to run more effectively, introduce more efficient tools, develop integrations and carry out a range of backend optimisations.  Together, the project saw a complete overhaul of the site itself and improvements in a wide number of areas. 

Finally, as an outdoors-focused business with strong green credentials, a vital part of the project centred around migrating the website to a new environmentally-friendly server. The migration took place at 3am and, thanks to careful planning, took around 35 minutes in total, meaning practically no downtime for the business.  The new server offered a big leap in speed and capability, but more than that, it was an opportunity for them to look ahead, be proud of their online presence and focus on finding new areas for growth in the coming years. 

Our results

The website has received highly positive results from their customers and in local media. The site was featured in the 2022 B2B top 50 eCommerce report, achieving the 5th fastest for Mobile Speed and #1 for UX Design for the new product page improvements. 

Since rolling out updates and launching the new server, the average order amount has increased by 12.3%. Compared to the same period last year, organic clicks from Google improved by 202.3% and the number of organic impressions grew by 172%. In short, their visibility through Google has significantly increased, allowing them to be found by more customers online. Of the customers who do find them, many more customers now make purchases and those purchases have a higher order value. 

Following the initial project, we have continued to work closely with Suregreen to provide technical support, helping them ensure they maintain the high standards for their online customers. We also help them grow their sales with SEO as they expand their product range and assist them with other projects within the business, such as automation and other internal processes.