Over the years we have been excited to work with some amazing charities in the UK. We understand that while budgets are often tight, this shouldn’t mean a compromise in how a website looks or performs.

Just like any private sector organisation, it is crucial that a website delivers on its aims and for charities, this is often even more crucial as without strong user engagement and ongoing support, they simply couldn’t survive.

This is where we can help.

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    Supporting great causes

    When working with charities and community projects we offer discounted rates and additional perks as a gesture of good faith and to show our support. This ensures we can create a professional end result and allow our clients to focus their attention on completing a particular project, raising funds or generating support. We go above and beyond to provide the very best service and dedicate ourselves to remaining focused on the objectives and outcomes that are required.

    Discounted rates

    We understand that as a charity or when managing a local project, it can be a difficult choice to spend money in areas that support the project or help raise awareness, rather than tackling the problem directly.  There is a greater sense of accountability compared to within a private organisation. 

    Whenever we work with any client, we always ask how much they want to spend and deliver a solution that gives them exactly what they need but without being a ‘cheap’ option. While we do this for every client, for charities we go a few steps further by offering a discounted rate and flexible payment options. We ensure we will provide a cost-efficient and effective result no matter how much you have to spend or how small you are.

    Fixed prices

    When giving quotes to all of our clients, we are completely transparent about what we charge. We can give fixed prices, so you know what you will pay, and never be surprised by extra lines in an invoice or unknown estimates. We don’t offer a standard price package to any client, as every client and therefore every website is different. We would simply sit down to go through what you want to spend, provide a fixed quote and then deliver it. This can cover hosting, security, maintenance, ongoing consulting – whatever you need.

    Help and support

    Charities often have small teams, and it isn’t uncommon to find one person responsible for many different areas of a business. We can provide ad-hoc support in areas which can be time consuming or digital support in a range of areas – we are more than happy to be of assistance as and when you need us. 

    Furthermore, we can offer training when designing and building a website so you won’t need to keep coming back to us! We can also help advise on a project right from the start, helping to spec it out and determine what the best platform is for it based on how it needs to function and who will be using it.

    With our support, you will feel confident to take it forward yourself, but also be reassured to know we are always there if you need us.