The objective

Prism Recruitment is an award-winning management consultant and recruitment agency. Prism asked us to put together a new brand identity as well as add more flexible functionality to their existing website.

What we did

The first task was to take the existing brand logo design and work on the colours and fonts to refresh the look and feel. We created multiple variations and worked with Prism to refine the final version. 

Prism was also looking to add more flexibility to their existing website. We achieved this by adding advanced custom fields flexible content blocks functionality. This allowed them to create multiple page layouts using pre-made content sections, which offered more flexible page layouts compared to pre-defined page templates.


Adding the new flexibility to the website allowed Prism to refresh the website without the cost of starting from scratch. We also created new stationery based on the new brand design, which was rolled out to email signatures, letterheads and social media platforms. 

Ask the team

What were the main challenges in this project?

I would say that the main challenge was making sure the new changes we proposed worked with the existing website design. We carefully produced a new brand and styling, which would work well with the existing look and feel.

What was the thought process behind the hero images?

Working with the client, we came up with the idea of using both corporate and abstract architecture photos. Imagery can be a powerful tool in outlining the way in which the content is perceived. Using abstract images allows the message to be ambiguous so the focus is on the content itself to tell the story.


Prism Recruitment