Project overview and objective

Our team was commissioned to produce a user-friendly, clean and responsive website for a local IT support company based in Essex. This needed to address design challenges that would go beyond digital to deliver

What we did

Plan IT is an IT support and installation company based in Leigh-on-Sea, Essex. They approached WCD asking for our help to develop their company’s branding and build a bespoke, mobile-friendly website capable of attracting new customers to further the growth of their business.

The website we produced was integrated with WordPress – making it easy for the company to update the content of their website. As part of our work, we produced a new logo that incorporated the business’s new colour palette.

This website provided WCD with an opportunity to create a series of custom illustrations and visual aids to ensure we achieved a professional finish. »

Plan IT.

We often work with companies who either have no consistent branding or want a fresh version of their existing branding that will help them present a new image. Our starting point is always to keep this as simple as possible to allow for an easy application wherever it is used.

The importance of consistent branding can often be overlooked as sometimes there are incremental changes made over a period of time, or variations are made across different platforms. Furthermore, where a number of stakeholders are involved, it can lead to the dilution of branding.

Even the most comprehensive brand guidelines can still lead to issues as sometimes flexibility is needed and adaptations are needed depending on the platform you are working with. Over time, what seemed like little changes can build up to create something that is different enough from your brand to either cause confusion and the result is that it affects your visibility and professionalism.

We can help advise on branding so whether you are using this in print, online or even on physical products like team clothing, it can stay consistent and portray what you are trying to say about who you are and what you do.