Project overview and objective

We were tasked with producing a mobile-friendly, responsive website to further the growth of this leading supplier of electronic manufacturing equipment. This also led to the development of another more commercially-focused website in an associated industry.

What we did

Kaisertech is a major supplier of electronic production equipment to large multinational companies such as BAE, Sony, Nokia, Honeywell & IBM. The company was keen to increase its web presence and online sales revenue, therefore our strategy was to improve its usability and the checkout process.

The complete overhaul of Kaisertech’s website allowed for the integration of Magento – a highly powerful e-commerce content management system (CMS). Alongside the e-commerce side of the site sits a WordPress blog installation that integrates with elements of Magento to offer a consistent look and feel to both parts of the website.

Magento is much like many other CMS: initially offering only a basic range of features and capabilities but with a wide range of extensions created by third party developers available. In the case of Kaisertech, it was essential to develop the CMS further and produce a customised build in order to realise the client’s expectations and make the user interface more logical and easy to use.


Our work has helped to significantly increase sales without any additional marketing. This is the kind of result that we always aim to achieve and it shows how relatively small investments can really payout.

Ultimately our work is never really done. There are constantly new innovations and ideas that can continually help a website to scale up or provide new features to entice customers back and encourage more purchases. Our long-term relationship with Kaisertech demonstrates how this process works so successfully and pays for our work many many times over.