Publishing is an industry that saw digital as a huge threat. Rightly so too, as the Internet could be held responsible for the demise of bookshops, which are crucial for the publishing sector. However, while there have undoubtedly been some losses due to online platforms, new avenues have opened up and creative publishing businesses have maximised these.

One of our clients, Slightly Foxed, has a strong and loyal customer base that value their products and content. They offer subscriptions, an online shop and also as of last year, a podcast. While they no longer have a bricks and mortar presence, they have a reputation for producing beautiful and fantastic literature.

Other work we have done in the publishing industry covers specific or niche topics. We have helped to ensure that their websites are focused on their audience and reflect what they offer. This keeps users engaged.

Whether you have a small magazine or a particular genre you cover, we can translate this into the digital world to help make online work for you.