We Create Digital is a digital agency based in Essex. We design and develop websites for all kinds of businesses, large and small.


Our office is located in Coggeshall – around a half hour’s drive from Billericay. Based in the Borough of Basildon, Billericay is a town and civil parish with a population of just under 30,000. Located just 25 miles east of Central London, Billericay is an established commuter town, and also home to a huge variety of businesses. We provide web design, graphic design, web development and digital marketing services for businesses in Billericay, Essex and across the UK. We use the latest web technologies to produce innovative and beautiful websites, branding and print materials that will enable your business to compete in an ever-changing digital world.

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We provide a huge range of digital support whether it is on websites, SEO or digital marketing campaigns. Send us a message and one of our team will get back to you with an answer to your enquiry.

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    How we build websites

    As the internet access from mobile devices continues to increase, it is vital that your website is built to respond to different screen sizes and be seamless regardless of how it is used. Every website we build is mobile-friendly as standard. We have been taking this approach for years, which has helped our clients as search engines like Google have started to introduce mobile-friendly indexes and ensured they haven’t had to play catch-up like many others.

    Web accessibility is also core to every website we build. This is something we consider within design when looking at aspects like colours, font styles and font sizes, and also development – for example, considering how someone using the website who can’t use a mouse may try to navigate it. It is thinking about these issues that can expand your audience and help you to stand out.

    Compliance and industry standards

    Since May 2018, regulation has become even more important. Many people don’t realise that since the GDPR was introduced, their website may not only be non-compliant, but it could be breaking the law and leaving them vulnerable to being reported to the ICO and liable for fines. We follow a privacy by design approach, to ensure that data protection is considered throughout a project and that compliance is always adhered to.

    User experience is always a key part of our creative and development process. While a web user may not be able to easily recall a good experience they’ve had online, a badly designed or poorly built website will reflect poorly on your business and is likely to result in lost revenue, from the individual who decides to use a competitor or the wider impact on your reputation.

    Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

    If your business wants or needs to improve its online presence then we’d strongly advise you to consider an SEO package to help drive more traffic to your website.

    If your website is hard to find, then your target market will likely end up going to your competitors. By improving your online visibility through SEO, you can expect to benefit from long-term gains in visitors to your website and increased revenue. Therefore, SEO often has a high return on investment so we would encourage all businesses to make SEO an important component of their marketing strategy.

    As SEO is a core part of what we do, we’ve dedicated some blog posts to explain the basics of SEO as well as some tips on how to boost your rankings by updating content.

    Tailored design

    Every website we produce is bespoke and built to our client’s precise needs – it is either designed according to your existing branding or developed as part of a wider rebranding exercise. WCD’s client-focused approach means we continually review progress with our clients during both the design and development stages.

    If you want to learn how your business can improve its online presence, do not hesitate to contact us! Whether you have a vision in mind or need some advice on the future direction of your website, we’re here to help. We are a team of passionate designers and developers keen to help local businesses flourish and realise their true online potential.

    We can also support businesses looking to get to MVP or long-standing organisations that are in desperate need of a refresh. We can support you whatever your objectives are.

    If you’re still not convinced, we suggest you view some of our previous work.

    When I urgently needed assistance with my website, Dean quickly and efficiently resolved the problem for me; providing a clear explanation of work carried out and results achieved. Excellent service!
    Sheree Wayman
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