Our team has continued to change and we have recently welcomed a new Developer to our team, Steven Hardy.

To help us and you get to know him a little better, we put some questions to him.

Tell us about your career to date… how did you end up here at WCD?

My first role within Digital Marketing was within the automotive setting. I worked for a local car dealership promoting their vehicles through the web. This was where my love of programming and websites came from. From here, I learnt HTML, CSS and Javascript through creating email mailers, web pages within the CMS (Content Management System) that they used, and started to look at WordPress.

I then continued my career in the automotive industry working for a much larger car dealer group within their Group Marketing function. Here I was responsible for the creative elements that the dealerships needed. This gave me great experience of design, and turning a client’s design into something that worked digitally. I assisted with the development of a blog within Laravel, created email mailers, and creating graphics for websites.

After a good solid 5 years of digital marketing, I decided that I needed a career change. I went to work with the ambulance service as a 999 Call Handler. However, this made me miss the creativity side of my professional work. I was not programming anymore, or creating things. This gave me a lot of opportunity to continue learning as when I was not taking a 999 call, I could learn and study.

With this eagerness to come back to digital marketing, I started working at a small marketing agency, as their SEO Specialist. I was managing clients and ensuring that their websites were performing the best they could on search engines like Google. However, as time went on, my manager realised that I have a secret ability to code. I started creating WordPress plugins, that lead to creating bespoke templates and the list went on. With this, my role changed into a Digital Manager where I was managing projects, servers, and went on to manage a Junior SEO Executive. Completing all the full stack development work made me want to be a full time developer, and that’s how I came to recently join We Create Digital.

What website would be on your bucket list to create at some point?

I would love to make a website that is an app as well. I have a keen interest in mobile app development using the React Native framework. In terms of the actual website, I would love to make a social network for medical professionals. A place where they can let their hair down, talk about what they have been up to (obviously without revealing any kind of personal data), and make friends with like-minded people.

Mac or PC?

I have a love for both the Mac and PC. When it comes to development, Mac is my go to machine. The feel of a Mac for development is great. It can quickly run processes and the screen is bright to see colour. As a simulation enthusiast, it has to be PC for playing simulation games.

What do you like to do outside of work?

I am an aviation nerd. I love going to the airport or military airbase and watch the aeroplanes all day. I take my camera, a packed lunch and my airband scanner, sitting there all day and watching all of the activity.

Favourite sports team/film/band?

My guilty pleasure has to be listening to George Ezra. However, I love listening to all types of music. It just depends on the mood that I am in!