Oliver is currently studying at Bournemouth University, undertaking a Software Engineering degree. We wanted to learn a little more about him, so we sat him down for a round of quick-fire questions.

Tell us about your working life to date… how did you end up here at WCD?

Before landing a role at WCD, I was a full-time student whilst working freelance wide range of clients. Ever since I got my first computer at the age of 10, I was always been fascinated with the working of software and websites. This led to me teaching myself how to program. In recent years, I reached out into freelance work allowing me to gain vital experience when working with clients around the globe. Being a part of the team at WCD will help me hone my skills when developing. A key part of my work ethic is to ensure clients’ satisfaction.

How would you like your programs to affect the user’s experience?

When developing any system, the ease of use and user experience is one of the most essential things to consider.

My father was left physically disabled after an issue with his health. This resulted in him not being able to perform normal day-to-day tasks like opening doors, checking emails, and the ability to use a phone. This set me on my path to try to make the world a more accessible place, to break the barriers that might make people feel excluded or different

Windows or Mac?

My heart goes to Mac, being a part of the Apple ecosystem allows communication between devices a breeze.

Favourite Movie?

I’m a big SciFi fan. Anything from Star Wars to Marvel is my go to movie.