As our team has been expanding, we wanted a dedicated Web Designer to come on board with experience in accessibility. After our first phone call with Jonah, we were very excited to get him on board as he clearly cared as much about accessibility as we do. In our second interview with him, we discussed the overuse of drop shadows, how boring brand guidelines can be and generally just chatted about good and bad design. It was pretty clear he would quickly fit into our team and we didn’t hesitate to offer him the job.

After just over a month of working with us and already working on numerous projects, we finally had a chance to put him through the usual questions for new members of our team.

Tell us about your working life to date… how did you end up here at WCD?

Back in 2016 I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do but knew it needed to be something that would appeal to my creative brain. I started as an apprentice in the web team for a local authority. I quickly realised how much I enjoyed designing and building online customer experiences. As other members of the team left my responsibilities increased pushing me to grow in skill and confidence. After nearly 5 years I’m excited to expand my design skills in the private sector.

What website would be on your bucket list to create at some point?

I love eating, making and watching food so to work on a website in the food media space is the dream. When Bon Appetit need a website refresh, they should totally get in touch!

Windows or Mac?

Mac all the way! I love everything Apple does – the way they transfer their elegant design principles across everything they do is genius. I have to resist the urge to buy every overpriced product they release!

What do you like to do outside of work?

Cooking with friends is my favourite thing to do, if I’m not cooking I’ll be trying to dial in the “perfect” espresso, mixing a drink or baking something.
After years of enjoying taking photos, I’ve started getting into street photography so if I’m not in the kitchen I’m probably out trying to get better at that.

Favourite sports team/film/band?

I don’t follow any sports. I definitely can’t commit to a favourite but according to Spotify, my top artists are Twenty One Pilots, Mac Miller, Rex Orange County and The Wombats. As for films, anything Marvel or Star Wars is a winner in my books, but I also have to give a shoutout toRatatouille for how it never fails to make me hungry.