Tell us about your working life to date… how did you end up here at WCD?

Being someone who has always had a wide range of interests I have had quite a varied professional background before coming here to We Create Digital. I’ve been a music tutor, gym instructor, barista, press assistant and I’ve even been able to produce a few bands and compose music for a couple of short films on a freelance basis.

Last year (2021) I made a decision that it was time to find a full-time job which would allow me to use my creativity and technical skills more freely. I decided coding and programming would be the area to go into as I’d taught myself some HTML and CSS as a hobby when I was younger and really enjoyed it. I took a course teaching me the fundamentals of object-oriented programming and an array of programming languages, built several projects and off the back of it was lucky enough to land myself a job with WCD.

What website would be on your bucket list to create at some point?

I’ve always had an interest in finding out how things work and never take half-measures when it comes to one of my interests. I’d like to create a CMS (content management system) of my own similar to WordPress and Squarespace to allow a basic user to easily build their own websites and a more advanced user to be able to create a totally custom website from the ground up.

Windows or Mac?

To me, Windows and Mac are just different tools for achieving the same outcome. I’ve personally had a reasonable amount of experience using both and I can’t say I prefer one over the other at all. If I absolutely had to say I’d probably choose Windows because that’s what I’ve used more throughout my life. But in all honesty, I have no preference.

What do you like to do outside of work?

Outside of work I primarily like to spend time with my partner watching the latest movies and series and cooking our favourite food. Some of my other hobbies include composing and producing music, going to the gym, and working on small programming projects.

Favourite Sports Team/Film/Band?

My favourite sports team would have to be Tottenham Hotspur as they were my favourite childhood football team, my favourite films would be the Lord Of The Rings Trilogy and my favourite band is difficult, I’d go for a band not quite so obscure and say Slipknot.