We are delighted to introduce Donna, who recently joined the team as an Account Manager, looking after our client’s needs and managing the delivery of online solutions.

She brings a wealth of experience working on large projects within bigger teams to help us grow and expand. She also greatly increases the in-house expertise we have in a range of critical areas including user testing and user experience, as well as helping optimise project delivery and working to schedules.

As a brief introduction we wanted to ask her a few questions!

Tell us about your working life to date… how did you end up here at WCD?

I started my career at Aviva (formally known as Norwich Union) in Norfolk, dealing with Car Insurance. It was only meant to be a summer job but I ended up staying for 27 years! During that time I moved into Marketing and was fortunate enough to be able to study for my Marketing Diploma whilst working full time. I quickly moved into the digital space, delivering a number of website redesigns. I enjoy the whole project life cycle of delivering websites so have focused on that more recently in my career. I’ve always worked client-side so working for WCD will give me a new experience working in a Digital Agency.

What website redesign have you enjoyed working on the most?

I like a challenge and working on the delivery of Aviva Broker portal was certainly that! It took a year from research through to delivery and was integrated with a number of backend systems. We even had a countdown clock on the old website, counting down to the delivery of the new website so we had to meet the deadline date, which we did thankfully!

What part of website delivery do you enjoy the most?

I find user testing really interesting, seeing it from the customer perspective and then ensuring that their needs are met in the solution. I also like the delivery side and monitoring the results.

What do you like to do outside of work?

I’ve always been into keep fit and for the last 10 years have been road running. When I lived in Norfolk I was part of a running club and completed a number of half marathons. It would be a great challenge to complete a full marathon but I’m not sure my knees are up to it now!

I also enjoy foreign travel, dance music and watching old horror films.

Favourite Sports Team?

I’ve always supported Norwich City FC but my husband is trying to convert me to supporting West Ham!

Something you are proud of?

Winning the 100 metres race at high school in bare feet and holding the school record, although I’m sure it’s been beaten now.