We are very happy to have Hector join us as a Marketing Manager. He brings over 12 years of experience working with Software Companies and Creative Agencies in London and the South-East and will be a fantastic asset for our customers.

Hector specialises in helping companies by producing professional quality content and helping clients expand their customer base with effective long-term digital marketing strategies.

Over the past few years, digital marketing has brought big disruption in many industries; Hector has been a knowledgeable and guiding partner for businesses who need guidance and support, empowering them to stay profitable and reach their customers effectively.

Tell us about your working life to date… how did you end up here at WCD?

Hi! So I’ve always loved writing (I was actually an aspiring young novelist at a young age!) but I’ve also always had a very strong interest in technology. I originally found my way into working in marketing for a large technology group in London and was lucky enough to combine the two things I loved.

After great success there, I then moved to creative agencies to grow my skills in design and advertising, working directly with small business owners to help them move into the digital space and grow their online revenue. Over the past couple of years, I’ve been working closely with a bigger client, helping them manage a complete overhaul of their digital marketing approach and they have seen some amazing success during a period where many other companies in their industry and seen hard times.

Recently my wife and I had our first child, Arthur, which has been an amazing experience and I’m now very excited to join a team that is looking to achieve some exciting new things in the digital space – that’s We Create Digital!

What website would be on your bucket list to create at some point?

I would love to create a website for a computer games publishing company, making something really interactive and exciting to get some real attention to the things people are creating. I think there is definitely an opportunity for a publisher to innovate and bring users into the worlds being created and also to share the journey of the development teams as they spend years putting together these amazing creations!

Windows or Mac?

Hmmm, well if you ask if I prefer Bill Gates or Steve Jobs then the answer is probably Steve Jobs!

To be honest I think Windows gets it for me – I started with MS-DOS at a very young age and still remember the feeling of typing a command and having the machine understand, it felt like unlocking hidden secrets in this mysterious black box! My uncle also worked in mainframe security and we spent lots of time together, so I suppose that really affects my opinion.

Growing up, Apple was always a bit out of our price range too so I focused on mastering Windows instead. That said, iPads are many many times better than Windows tablets, just saying!

What do you like to do outside of work?

We spend lots of time as a family going to different places; we have a little dog called Teddy too who loves going to parks, which is great in the Summer (and not so great in the Winter!).

My big hobby has always been game design, from about the age of 14 I started with RPG Maker – now I design games and release game tutorials for Unreal Engine as a hobby. It can be quite challenging but being able to create something which people enjoy is really rewarding.

Favourite sports team/film/band?

I don’t really follow sports, but I love Indie films – my favourite film is Submarine directed by Richard Ayoade (AKA Moss from the IT Crowd).

In terms of music, I’m a big fan of going to see live music, but as for listening, I enjoy relaxing music that is great for putting on in the background when working/writing/developing. My favourite track right now is Martin Roth – An Analog Guy In A Digital World.