We attended a digital meet up to chat with others in the industry and hear about recent developments. Talks kicked off with the Director of Digital Development at Penguin discussing the competitive market his company now faces in the digital age.

Far from simply being competition from other e-book publishers, the most challenging competition is from other media sources including the choice of popular social media on handheld devices and video content providers in the form of YouTube and mass media corporations such as Walt Disney. Penguin have responded to these pressures through availing users short of time with e-books which are compact and easy to consume in short time periods.

Carolyn Royston Head of Digital Media for the Imperial War Museums (IWM) gave a talk about the relatively recent introduction of a robust digital strategy within the organisation. In the past four years the IWM has transformed itself into a digital organisation and embraced a public engagement agenda with digital learning forming the focus of this. Much of the IWM’s archives can now be accessed 24-hours a day from anywhere in the world including content such as its mass collection of paintings which had previously gone unnoticed by many.

These are undoubtedly exciting times for the industry to be applying the solutions and innovation that so many organisations require to move with the digital age. Here at We Create Digital we love to hear about such case studies and are eager to see how we can work with clients to deliver such solutions ourselves.