Last night, I’m sure nearly every person in the country went to bed with many questions playing on their mind. We are entering a huge period of uncertainty when it comes to our health, our families and our work. There is a chance that we could be in this situation for weeks or months so we all need to start planning for the various scenarios now. The reality is that the economy is likely to be significantly impacted.

In times of uncertainty or trouble, often people find a way to cope. They develop new ideas or routes to create income. They come up with innovative solutions that actually push them ahead further than they would have been.

This is where we come in. We are used to finding ways to meet the objectives for all of our clients to support them and their business. Whether it is creating or improving online dashboards to streamline operations, or carrying out SEO to boost particular sales or services.

We also understand that now it is a time that might actually be very busy for some people and can put them under significant strain. Again, we can provide support to manage enquiries, develop online services or improve internal communication between staff.

With all of the worry and concern, we want to do what we can to support businesses. This is not a standard sales pitch, but is more about doing what we can to help others stay afloat when they might be worrying about the future.

What are we doing?

While our staff are currently working in our office, we are following advice from Public Health England. If the guidance changes around small teams working together in an office, every member of staff will then work from home and they have the tools and complete set up they need to do this.

We are also encouraging our staff to take sensible precautions by limiting travel and social interaction. It is important to note that no one can guarantee they won’t become ill. But it is how we support each other and deal with it that will get us all through this. We have a plan of what to do and how to keep working if we do become ill.

So what next?

Well, that is the question. We are here if you want to discuss what your options might be. We don’t charge for our advice and are happy to simply chat if you are trying to get your head around everything and what you can do. You might wish to hold off and see what happens, or you might think it is best to get ahead and not wait any longer. No one knows the right answer and this is a choice that each individual or business needs to make. Whatever you do go with, stay safe and put your health and the health of your family first.