Our developer Calum recently headed over to Ad:Tech London conference to listen and engage with the UK digital marketing and media community. The crowd there was immense with almost every one of the seminar theatres full and standing for each presentation.

Having toured the show floor observing and talking to show exhibitors we settled down for some insightful presentations including one of our favourites: email marketing.

Kate Barret of Shine a Light Media discussed six ways to reduce complaint rates from bulk email. A complaint is likely interpreted as when the recipient clicks ‘Report Spam’. Getting it right at the point of signup is essential so that potential recipients are clear on what they’ll be receiving and who from.

Giving a choice of how and what they receive will reduce the chances of them rejecting your emails. Competitions and rewards all help in building a loyalty and interest in the bulk emails your organisation choose to send.

Although not obvious: having a functional unsubscribe link placed at the top of an email is possibly one of the best ways you can help users to decide on taking action on whether or not they wish to continue receiving your emails.

SEO is changing In the afternoon sessions we listened to how SEO is changing presented by Hugh Jackson, co-founder of MediaCo. Hugh reemphasised the importance of quality over quantity in the practise of good SEO strategy. Too many ads, thin content posts and auto-generated content will do you no favours in the attempts to improve page ranking.

Google’s Panda search result ranking algorithm is continually evolving with ever-greater intelligence on how it determines page ranking. Google products such G+ and Chrome toolbar all have a strong part to play in how we promote and place our content to compete with an increasingly social-media driven results basis.

Adapting and changing to meet the latest changes in these algorithms is essential to maintaining your presence in the top ranks of search results. See how we’re achieving great result with the latest in SEO techniques.

Overall We took in a lot from the event on how we as a company can focus our energy into benchmarking both our and your digital strategy. Stay tuned to our blog and twitter feed for more insights on events and conferences we’ll be attending in the coming months.

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