With the current situation in the world today, eLearning has become more important than ever. Every employer wants their staff to excel or on a more practical level, to be qualified to allow them to continue to do their job. But how can you do this when you are in isolation? , With Forbes predicting the industry to be worth £325 billion by 2025, the time is now to invest in eLearning.

The rise of the internet and technology has bought an endless list of benefits into our modern-day society. What we are able to achieve today thanks to technology would have been inconceivable just as little as 20, 30 or 40 years ago.When it comes to sectors or industries that have been improved by technology, there is possibly no area more important than education. This is because it allows us to develop our workforce, share skills and create jobs. It also encourages problem-solving through personal and professional development. 

So when it comes to moving education and training online, what are the benefits for doing this?

Remote Access

Perhaps the most appealing benefit of eLearning is the fact that it can be accessed remotely. As long as you have access to the internet and a working computer, laptop, tablet or mobile, you can learn.

This opens up huge opportunities for those who struggle with travelling or live in areas with struggling education systems. Regardless of your situation or where you live, you can log onto an online session or webinar and receive the same education as everyone else. So whether you can’t access in-person training or education due to either location or you know, a global pandemic, life doesn’t have to stop.

The current situation we’re facing is that there are lockdowns around the world. With schools being cancelled for the safety of the children and general public, and workplaces closed for at least three weeks, it is essential that education continues. This isn’t a permanent situation and it will go back to normal in a few weeks. This means it is important not to put everything on hold. Instead it is an opportunity to be prepared for when we all come out of our homes and head back to work. Online learning consistently accommodates for all scenarios, which is why it has proven itself to be so valuable.

Reusable resources

This fact is true of most data stored on the internet, and there are no exceptions when it comes to eLearning. With resources always readily available, you can access important information any number of times and also reach a wide audience with it.

So if you’ve got a big exam coming up, you won’t need to worry about finding the notes from that one specific lecture or hoping you can find the right page in your textbook. You can quickly locate the information you’re searching for using an online search function or drop-down box. Furthermore, if you are going for a new job and want to quickly learn some skills to help make you stand out, then finding online learning could help.

As an employer or provider, being able to offer resources to anyone and anywhere over and over again is a huge benefit. This can reduce overheads, make you more efficient and also make you much more accessible. If you already offer resources in your physical training, you can replicate them, possibly with a few tweaks, to online audiences. Furthermore, they may be easier to update and reuse in the future in comparison to printed materials.

Financial savings

Online learning can reduce the cost of education as it cancels out the cost of travel, reading materials and tuition fees. With all of your educational resources being found in one place and often in the same package, you don’t need to factor in any extras or add-ons.

Furthermore, eLearning allows the student to pick the specific course or area of study they wish to focus on. With this level of customisation, students can ensure they’re spending their money specifically on what they want and on what will be useful to them. It can also ensure that training providers are being targeted in what they offer, which is likely to help with future and repeat business.

Flexible delivery

Online learning can be delivered through a number of different methods. Some courses might be pre-made and simply require the student to log on and follow the instructions themselves. Other courses are more interactive and could be taught to a number of students in the same lesson who need to collaborate with each other in order to complete a task.

Webinars are another option, and they have sky-rocketed in popularity due to the recent closure of schools and offices. Webinars are an innovative way to offer training and teaching, as they allow online learners to directly communicate with their instructors and peers. They also bring back the group-learning atmosphere which would usually be found in a classroom environment.

The most important point about eLearning is that it provides flexibility for the student and trainer or teacher. You can look at what you want the outcome and output to be, and then develop a course based around this. For example, if you want someone to learn how to carry out a particular task, you can offer an up front guide, written slides, animation, video, quizzes and then recorded video to help carry out an assessment. For some scenarios, this may end up being more thorough than if the course was delivered in person. Often individuals have a preference for a way they learn. That explains why some people love written exams and others loathe them. An online package incorporating different elements can be more helpful to a wider number of people.


Having touched on accessibility above, it is important to go into this in more detail. For many people, they may simply not be able to access in-person training because of their location, economic situation or additional needs. eLearning can help overcome these barriers. Courses available online could be open to anyone across the world as they can do the work in their own time when it suits them.

They should not be excluded from accessing the same information as someone else who may be better off or in the right place, so eLearning provides the opportunity for equal access.

Get started. Get ahead.

Online learning is a rapidly growing industry which is only going to continue to expand as technology improves. By reducing costs, increasing ease of access and having the advantage of being readily available at all times, its importance right now and in the future cannot be understated.

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