Project overview and objective

Marketscan is a Chichester-based data supplier for businesses and marketing professionals. The company approached us to help them re-develop their existing website and update the design of their ListBuilder web application.

What we did

For the website and ListBuilder application, The marketing team at Marketscan created a new brand concept, which we used to create the revised designs. Our first task was to look at the user experience for the ListBuilder web application. Using the Lucky Orange conversion optimisation suite, we analysed user recordings and heat map data to help create a prototype version of the ListBuilder with a revised user experience.

We worked with the new brand to create a modern and professional looking experience for the new website, utilising the colours and shapes in all aspects of the website experience.


Despite the website going live before the ongoing pandemic, the new look and feel is making a great impact. Our next objective for the platform is to develop their SEO strategy for the coming months and to work closely with them to help improve the website rankings and conversions for ListBuilder.

Ask the team

Q: What was your favourite part of the project?

Working with the marketing team on the UX for the refreshed website and ListBuilder platform was a great experience. Sharing my findings with the team and working with them to develop the website really helped me gain confidence in the work we were creating.


Q: Why did you choose to use Lucky Orange?

Lucky Orange is a great tool to see what website users are doing on a website. We can observe the interactions taking place and watch recordings of user sessions to see what areas or features may be causing friction or bottlenecks.