Adverity is an intelligent marketing analytics platform that works with global organisations such as Ikea, Forbes and Omnicom. With offices in New York, Vienna and London, Adverity is growing quickly as companies realise how important data is and how it can support their business.

The objective

Adverity needed our support to help them demonstrate on their website how different processes work within marketing, or to provide guides on particular topics. They wanted this work to be visual and interactive, rather than simply putting the information on a long page or in a pdf.

Our approach

We created a series of flexible content blocks for them that could be used to create a multiple page piece and that could also be put together in pretty much any order they wanted. This approach provides versatility and scalability as since we launched the work, more additions have been made and there are numerous ways in which it could be added in the future.

The blocks we produced have multiple options when it comes to formatting, colours and design – this allows them to present the content in different ways. This also helps to ensure that the content is engaging and can be used for more than just one particular piece. For example, a block could have a patterned background, be a simple solid colour or have a gradient. It could also have an image or icon field, have additional design features or even have animation within it.


As Adverity continues to grow, it is important for them to be able to communicate to prospective clients how they can provide their support and services. With a topic as complex as data in marketing, it is clear that a simple page of text isn’t going to work. By helping Adverity to break down specific aspects of what they do, it will hopefully help companies to understand the value that they provide.

Their team has already created multiple pieces using our blocks and more are planned for the future.