Have you ever wished for a tool that could transform your team’s collaboration sessions into an explosion of creativity and productivity? Look no further because FigJam, the online collaborative whiteboard for teams, is here to turn your wildest brainstorming dreams into a vibrant reality!

Making whiteboards relevant again

To understand what FigJam is and why its so useful, we need to take a brief look at stock imagery.

Just find any stock image of a design team working with a project and you will see a recurring theme…

man using whiteboard with post it notes
project management board with post-it notes
agency worker using post-it notes at her laptop

Post-it notes...

Ask an AI to create a picture of designers working and its more likely to show post-it notes than people actually working. For many years this was totally true. The world was caught in the post-it note and whiteboard craze. Fast forward a little bit though and the trusty post-it note is just not quite as popular as it once was. Maybe they were a victim of COVID? Maybe people realised they aren’t perhaps the most sustainable approach to documenting ideas?

However, more recently whiteboards and post-it notes have been making a huge comeback in an evolved digital format. FigJam is an online whiteboard space released in 2021 by Figma that helps teams develop and collaborate by combining the fun of design and visual layouts with the technology to easily share and communicate between team members.

Figjam featured image

Why should I use FigJam for my agency or projects?

The question perhaps should be, why wouldn’t you want vibrant colors and flexible workflow diagrams all blended with a touch of digital magic? Or why wouldn’t you want to bid farewell to the boring layouts of computer databases with endless to-do lists and instead have a tool that you can customise to the way your business works best?

Let’s answer these questions and more by diving into the wonderful world of FigJam and explore how it can revolutionise your team’s collaboration.

Managing the chaos of collaboration

Bringing new ideas to the table for a project can be powerful… but also a bit chaotic. Having lots of people working together in a single document is a whole new experience and can also be a little daunting at first. FigJam can help with this by being able to make new frames easily and focus on collaboration in specific areas, like break-out rooms. 

Here’s the best part though: FigJam is not just a whiteboard. It’s a whole universe of interactive elements designed to make teamwork fun and quirky without losing focus. 

Need to prioritise tasks? Drop in some digital sticky notes and arrange them like pieces of a puzzle. 

Want to vote on the best idea? Add a voting sticker and let the chaos of democracy reign supreme. 

FigJam takes collaboration to a whole new level, and offers people who may be more introverted with a collaborative space where they feel they can more easily add to the discourse. 

The true beauty of FigJam lies in its simplicity and user-friendly interface. You can experiment with shapes, arrows, and symbols to find the layout that makes the project come to life. Everyone can join in real-time, adding their touch of magic to the mix. Or… you can simply sit back and watch as ideas collide, evolve, and take on a life of their own.

A final note on FigJam

FigJam encourages your team to break free from the shackles of conventional thinking and dive headfirst into innovation. It’s about embracing the twists and turns. 

Our advice is to try it, learn about why this tool is seeing such rapid adoption, and see how it can fundamentally change how people work collaboratively from home. In breaking down borders and embracing open communication, teams can iterate more quickly and make working together more efficient. 

As of right now, FigJam is totally free with some paid options. If you haven’t tried Figma and manage design in your team then we also highly recommend it. 

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