Empowering web and mobile technologies to facilitate every day business processes can improve efficiency, improve data consistency and customer service. Here at We Create Digital we’re currently working on a few projects that serve our client’s staff during their working day, whether they are in-house, remote or on the move.

We use the same technologies as your favourite website and/or mobile application to create such bespoke systems. Yes, there are plenty of commercial options on the market that help with maintaining projects, storing and retrieving data etc but these all have limitations because the functionality is generic and not necessarily specialist. Plus, if you want to implement new features you will not be allowed to customise the software.

Software as a service provides you with a solution that fits every need of your business and is scalable and 100% adaptable. We can integrate various payment methods, export data for Sage packages and enable Google services (or similar) such as Google Maps.

These systems can also be integrated with your website or websites ñ if your customer and product data is available in-house and on one or more websites, then it makes sense to centralise this data in one place so data is more consistent. There will be fewer requirements for Spreadsheets as reports can be generated on-the-fly.

If you are worried about data security, our systems have a series of security measures in place and all data is transmitted securely. Furthermore, our servers are backed up automatically to the Cloud so no matter what, your data is safe.

Web and mobile technologies allow you and your employees to access the same system in-house, remotely, on a mobile or tablet device. You can do this via your browser therefore not requiring any specialist software and avoiding any expensive licensing costs. Once we’ve built your system, you’ll only have hosting, backup and security costs to maintain every month/year.

Increasingly, you’ll see more companies using tablet and mobile devices to capture data. If your employees are out of the office on a daily basis gathering data which is later entered or filed manually then this process can be improved. For example, one of our clients have asked us to provide them with a tablet application that their employees can use when visiting a client’s site. Using the tablet we can enter data, we can capture video or photos and get signatures from both the employee and site manager to sign off the work. Typically this is done using a paper report which takes 2-3 weeks to arrive in the office and only then can they bill for the work. Now they receive the report instantly and are then able to click a button to generate the invoice and consequently the payment is completed weeks earlier.

Digital systems not only help the environment because of the saving on printing and paper costs but they also prevent loss of data, increased efficiency and data consistency. The biggest saving will be time; functions in place to help reduce the time it takes to input data, generating invoice and reports with a click of a button and searching for data. For example, when on the phone to customers, data can be queried from various criteria and results are shown instantly. Getting information to the client quickly will help convert sales.

As you can see, there are many benefits to software as a service solutions and we’ve only really touched the surface here. Essentially, the time saved can be used to improve other business processes which will help your business grow. Every business is different. Why not talk to us to find out how we can improve your business situation?