Being in lockdown is strange. We will have all gone through phases where we haven’t gone out much, whether it is because we are saving money, sick or just want to spend more time at home. But being forced to be physically alone means more people are searching for ways to connect virtually with friends and family. Before the lockdowns in various countries, Zoom had around 10 million daily users. The figure is now over 300 million and growing. Along with other platforms like Google Meet, people are being creative in catching up, using these channels for more than just meetings or chats. Many are using it to have home discos or a drinks night in.

We’re not new to virtual ways of working. The benefits of being a digital agency are that we are comfortable with working remotely and familiar with different ways to connect. However, we’ve obviously never been in this position before. Last night we decided to finally have our first online social as a team. We’ve been working pretty hard during this period and evenings haven’t exactly been time off. But it is important to take time out!

So last night we did a simple quiz on Google Meet hosted by Chris, followed by two rounds of Pictionary using Skribbl. The results, given we have designers in our team, were hilarious. Below are some of the highlights.