Chris or Roxy as he is also known, recently joined our team bringing more WordPress and Laravel skills to our agency. Chris has spent the last 15 years working in all things digital. We wanted to find out a little more about him, so we decided to sit him down for a round of quick-fire questions.

Tell us about your working life to date… how did you end up here at WCD?

I started out on the web as an editorial assistant for an interiors magazine that had a static HTML site for classified and paid advertising spots. From there I started learning WordPress and PHP in general as a Junior. I then spent a fair few years working in the Automotive digital space, where I still believe there is a large amount of room for improvement.

I’ve been keen on growing and developing my skills and am quite fortunate that some ( not all ) of my workplaces have encouraged me to grow and step out of my comfort zone.

A lot of my work has been within agencies, with a few dedicated in-house positions. I’ve come to love working in agency spaces where there is more of an open forum about how the web can be improved upon – this one of the big pulls for me about working at WCD.

What website would be on your bucket list to create at some point?

Recently I‘ve done a lot of moving house ( 4 times in the last two years ) and I am still surprised that onboarding new tenants is for the most part a pen and paper operation – I’d love to create a system that allows estate agencies to onboard and screen tenants digitally!

Windows or Mac?

Depends on the application – most of my gaming experience is on PC, but Macs have the creative chops. Historically I’m a Mac fan for work – so naturally I’m going to say Linux.

Joking aside, Mac or Linux for work.

What do you like to do outside of work?

I’m a keen gamer, artist and musician. Recently during COVID I have turned my hand to leatherworking and have been enjoying picking up and growing a new skill.

Favourite sports team/film/band?

The Three Flavours Cornetto trilogy is a firm favorite. As well as anything animated. When it comes to sports I follow F1 and am a Mercedes fan.

Musically, I am quite eclectic, but my roots are inDirt Rock and Heavy Metal so anything from AC/DC to ZZ-Top.