Firstly, the most important reason to utilise social media is that your business will reach far more people than if you rely solely on your website. Search engines allow potential clients to track down your site amongst thousands of others, whereas Facebook advertising is targeted at people who fulfil specific criteria, so your business reaches the intended audience without you putting in any extra work.

These adverts can link directly to your web page, but why not send it to a page on Facebook? Here, you can list some company information, including how people can get in touch with you, or they can leave you a comment or a review. It helps to build up positive relations with customers new and old alike, and you cannot put a price on a good business relationship.

If someone follows you on Twitter, or likes your page on Facebook, they’re able to follow all of your latest developments. Any new products or offers can be shared, with pictures or videos, to keep anyone and everyone informed of anything you think they should know about.

From the use of social networking, it is also possible to measure just how the brand is being actively searched for, as well as what people are saying about it. It is also possible to spot trends in when people are more likely to be receptive to updates, which helps to build a more concise and effective marketing campaign. These kinds of diagnostics are easily available, and can really make a huge impact on the business’s future.

As you can see, there are plenty of benefits for linking up to a social network of your choosing, or even more than one. The potential for visibility to increase, as well as the ability to truly connect with customers on a more personal level, plus ensuring that you’re constantly targeting the right audience, means that this is an option that it would be criminal to overlook.